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the greatest movie ever sold

This TED talk isn’t entirely relevant to Net Communications, but it’s quite pertinent to the degree that many of us are doing, Media and Communications.

In this 20min video, Morgan Spurlock – the guy who did Supersize Me – talks about his next project: a movie entirely sponsored by product placement. No other investment other than advertising firms who wish to promote their clients’ products…

Open a cupboard? Full of Kellogg’s cereal.

Open the fridge? Full of Coca-Cola.

Etcetera. etcetera.

Spurlock asserts that anything can be sponsored by advertising firms, and despite the lack of interest he initially encountered when approaching a number of top tier advertising firms, Spurlock shows that truly everything can be sold… including the TED talk itself!

Anyway, worth a look, irrespective of anything else, he’s an excellent presenter. Enjoy!



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