This WordPress blog chiefly concerns my studies in Net Communications at the University of Melbourne. This blog will also feature any other things I wish to share that reflect my interests.

My name is Nick, I’m a second year Arts (Media and Communications) student. My interests include a range of music and cinema genres, technology, business and economics, etymology, fine art, and architecture. My favourite colour is orange. My favourite fruit, however, is not the orange; it’s the banana.

I’ve chosen to title my blog ‘expatiate’. It means to speak or write at length or in detail. Despite the title, I’ll try to keep things pithy here. I feel that when people read blogs, they do not wish to read a novel – with a beginning, middle and end – people want to read something short and precise; they want to quickly understand the topic, gain a sense of the author’s opinion, and move onto the next thing.

Regardless, the blog has been called ‘expatiate’ simply because it’s a nice word. Nothing more. Nothing less.



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