revolutions via social networking

In my weekend browsing of my favourite websites, I came across this little gem.

Cory Doctorow examines the use of technology and online software (like Facebook) for organising activist rallies.

Autocrats’ use of technology against the Middle Eastern uprisings has been a wake-up call to a large group of technology activists and activists who use technology. As I write this, the net is alive with privacy-conscious activists building organizing tools that preserve anonymity, that fill the gap when governments pull the plug on the net, that prevent eavesdropping and fight disinformation.

Doctorow makes an interesting observation. With platforms like Facebook and Twitter being used and cited as vital components to political revolution, a key feature of these services has been forgotten – that they were not built for uses like these.

[Despite] the immediate convenience of Facebook [there are] long-term risks of putting our freedom in the hands of private concerns who’ve never promised to preserve it.

The difference between corporations like Facebook and Twitter and foreign Government agencies, is that the former have no obligation to maintain the anonymity that its activist users rely upon to carry out their operations.

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