web 2.0 in education

Hello again!

I wanted to share this short lecture that I came across when I was having a look at one of my favourite websites, TED.

I also though it’d be an excellent opportunity to show off some embedding skillz. But in all honesty, TED makes the task of embedding terribly easy. Just a few clicks here and there, and a small ‘ted id’ can be copied from the TED website, and pasted into a WordPress blog. And then wham… you’ve embedded a video! Huzzah!

The TED lecture shows the creative use of Web 2.0 applications in education. The system teaches a subject by way of progression and achievement. This is of course quite similar to standard teaching in the classroom, but this system can be operated from the home computer, and most importantly, it gives prospective students a visual display of their learning objectives.

So, for example, in primary maths, you might follow a learning tree progression like this:

  • Basic Arithmetic 1
  • Basic Arithmetic 2
  • Basic Arithmetic 3
  • Finishing the third arithmetic would open up new classes/lessons in ‘Long Division 1’ or ‘Advanced Muliplication’, for example.

In this way, it ensures students have understood the basic lessons of the previous class before progression to the next ‘level’/class.

The other part of this lecture describes that with this system, class time (with the teacher) can be used for the ‘homework’ part of standard education – it is in this time that students run into the most trouble, and with a teacher on call, these issues can be quickly resolved.

Anyway, just an interesting application of Web 2.0 features in an area that can always be improved: education.



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